People get depressed, frustrated if they don’t get what they expected to receive or achieve in life. The expectation is the reason to live and also the cause of destruction. Firstly, don’t keep any expectation from humans in return for doing something, because betrayal is an inbuilt feature of our characteristics. That’s why anyone can change his mind at any time. It sounds negative, but it’s the fact. You’re in good surroundings if you haven’t faced such a situation yet. Also, we should keep in mind, that ‘ NO’ is already present in every incident and we can’t create it separately.

Don’t be afraid of negative thoughts. If you fail to achieve something or even never try, in both cases you have negative results already. Try only for positive results.

If you don’t try or fail to achieve, in both cases it’s a ‘ NO’ for you. So, we can only try for ‘ ‘YES’ as it remains pending to happen until we make it happened. So, before starting anything, forget about the uncertainty of being failed as ” NO’ is already existing there even before you try. Thus we can train our minds. But in case of an extreme situation, or excessive anxiety disorder, etc, take medical help. These happen for hormone imbalance in the body.

Life is not easy and full of twists and turns. The problem is, that our mind is not prepared to face those hurdles. Often we imagine and drag our present situation for the next 10/20 years at one stretch. This is not possible as life doesn’t go through a straight line. So, we can’t predict the obstacles in the journey before.


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