AI Bots can replace writers

Will AI Bots Replace Writers

Many professions now are on risks. People suspect their work may soon be taken away by hi-tech technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. Generative AI has appeared like a threat to many content creators including writers, for their profession. It seems their fear is not absurd. AI Bots are now the primary reason of concern. In many areas, AI enabled tools or softwares have started creating almost flawless content. Will the world accept robo-writers in future? Let’s take a look.

Writers Under AI Radars

If you start to find some quick answers of this burning question of the present time, you may land on predictions like ” Writers of future are safe “ or ” Writing profession can’t be totally replaced by AI” etc. They perhaps true for the time being- but seems hypothetical in a long run.

Because there are numerous examples in the past, where work needing human effort has been replaced by machines. At that time, people were tried to convince that their jobs would remain safe. However, over the time, workers of those fields started loosing their jobs and their work became automated. Though, this is a normal scenario, that with the technological improvements, machines handle many physical work or low level tasks- that require less human efforts. So till now, it occurred for removing repetitive works to save time and money. But now, creative profession is in that list too.

However, we have certainly some good reasons, that assure the creativity or writing talent will remain alive. Before going further, let’s get familiar with a few definitions.

What Is Generative AI

Generative AI uses an algorithm, where artificial intelligence technology can create new content such as audio, code, images, text, videos etc. Here AI uses deep learning method to produce new content. This process is called generative because, AI creates something here that never existed before. The type of deep learning used here, to produce novel content is called generative adversarial networks (GANs). This latest technology has enormous capability to change the content creation industry drastically.

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What Does Generative AI Able to Perform ?

Generative AI, is able to perform below tasks almost flawlessly using AI Bots.

Generating Content: It can create variety of content starting from text, code, poem to movie script. The area is quite extended.
Automate Analysis: It helps to process large amount data and information and identify their patterns to analyse.
Automate Workflows : Reshape and automates manual and repetitive tasks, decision making, and building new processes.

How Can AI Bots Improve Businesses ?

Generative AI has created a huge positive impacts across the business leaders and large organizations across the world. Companies are building custom generative AI applications by using proprietary data. Therefore, the advantages businesses can have using generative AI are:

Expansion of the labor productivity,

Improvement in decision making,

Improving customer experience,

Building new business models

Advantages of The Human Writers Over AI Bots

In the world of creativity, we humans always prefer to experience what real people have created.
That’s why our intrinsic desire is to follow, read and consume content from other humans—not from machines. So, we can say creative professionals are still ahead in the race for multiple unique factors.

On other side, AI Bots are training data dependent. Therefore, producing dynamic content that possesses unique thoughts is still a challenge for AI.

Below are some strong grounds that can strengthen and safeguard human writers jobs :

Creative Thinking
Emotional Intelligence
Critical Thinking
Copyright Issues

Final Thoughts:

For now, it seems, the AI Bots won’t replace human writers, but would help them to write. However, we are not sure not how long this situation will last. The recent invention of generative AI, the ChatGPT can write about a wide range of different topics, which may appear more cost-effective solution for organizations. Companies can create a lot more content in a short time using this magic software. It can affect hiring new talent. Companies will slowly adopt AI Bots for more profit. Though, unique creative talents must sustain.

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