Eternal Question: Who Am I?

This one question always haunts our mind during thousands of years or more. The simple answer is , our identity is just what we are in our present birth. Because, in this physical world everything that is touchable and has a physical existence, needs an identity for its presence. All that have a physical body, are objects. Due to their physical body, they are visible and need to be classified or addressed differently. That’s why identification is required. But, these physical bodies can last only for a certain period of time. Once it’s gone, we don’t need its identification. So, identification depends on physicality (physical existence of any object) and time (the duration of that physical body’s existence ).

Now, if we drive deep towards something beyond physical existence or natural visibility, we can say that we don’t need to classify them into a particular thing or give a certain name as they might keep changing their physical identity time to time. During a certain period of time you can call it ‘ A’ or next time ‘ B’ considering its visual existence until the destruction of its physical body happens. Hence, ‘ Who am I ‘ is itself a temporary and time bound question.

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