Influencer marketing vs Content Creator

Creators are those who have a vision to build something from their knowledge and thoughts. They think out of the box. The journey of creating a new thing is not so easy and the journey is full struggle and determination. Writers, actors, movie makers, singers, poets, painters, or entrepreneurs all of them are creators who put their foot steps in their own fields by shaping their vision to give a realistic model.

Influencer :

Influencers are those whose words have an impact on people’s mind. They can influence and guide people through their knowledge, reputation and public speaking capability. Unlike before, we have social media influencers now, who connect with people through social media platforms This is also a latest marketing strategy for branding companies. In present scenario, social media influencers have a great possibility to grow a stable career.

4 thoughts on “Influencer marketing vs Content Creator

  1. I feel like being a content creator is timeless where being an influencer is short-lived. As cringe worthy as the word “influencer” is, people are making professions out of becoming influencers so there’s gotta be some value there, right? But what happens when followers stop following and traffic comes to a halt? Without traffic and attention, influencers cease to exist. Most influencers are famous for being famous and I question what true value they are contributing to society.

    1. A great insight of yours on this topic, is reflecting from what you said. I support you and appreciate. But at the same time, what if creators fail to reach more people to show their talent? What will happen, if the writers don’t get readers? Would it be proper justice to their creativity then, if it stays locked within them only?
      It would be same like if influencers lose their followers…right? ☺️

      Influencers help to build that bridge and fill the gap between content and audience. Now a days, both of them ( creators and influencers ) are inter-linked . That’s what I think based on this super competitive market. Thanks again that you have read the article and commented your own views.

      1. These are good questions 🤗 I often wonder this myself, especially with blogging. Bloggers are essentially creators; some are influencers. I agree that creators and influencers are interconnected. There’s a chance that creators and influencers could be wasting their time on social media and other platforms like WordPress. There’s a chance this could all be a waste of time. However, blogging gives us the ability to connect with like-minded people. Hidden within WP is a blogging community. Good writing also gives us the ability to express our thoughts with our readers. I believe that keeping everything to ourselves does not serve anyone. There’s no point in me keeping a personal journal if my writing could potentially help someone else.

        You might wonder why I leave lengthy comments on people’s blogs. It gives me a way to connect with like-minded people since commenting is our main form of communicating on WP.

        Regarding success, what one person defines as successful may be completely different than another person’s definition of success. Some people just want the numbers (lots of followers, likes etc.) but for others it’s about providing value and helping people. Not all influencers (and creators) are “bad” per say, but it’s better if they know their “why” behind gaining an audience, views, likes etc. Otherwise, the gratification they get from it is temporary and fleeting, also known as the hedonic treadmill 🤭

  2. I’m glad to see that I’m connected with a genuine writer and reader. It really feels good discussing about a topic in depth from various angles. If you like talking, you can also catch me on social media platforms. 🙂

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