Is There Any Secret Connection Between Planet’s Shape And Us

Each planet looks like a circle anyway. Even our earth is oval which is also a pattern of the round shape. The circle has no angle. That means it has apparently no endpoint. It defines a process of repetition. If you start walking from a certain point, you will again reach that particular point after some time and this process will continue until you stop walking.

Being a part of this planet along with the universe, we may have a connection with this round shape. That perhaps our birth cycle. Based on our karma, our birth happens. Karma decides whether our life will be peaceful or measurable, on the basis of our past work records. That way, you get your results for your own doings.

This birth cycle goes on until your work history becomes zero. Which means, you just got the deserved result of your past doings, without making any further addition to your worklist. So, you just did what you were supposed to do based on your past life work records. At the time, when your work investment turns zero, you’re out of this birth cycle process and bias of the time. With zero work record, you can’t expect any result. So, you don’t require to born again and you become free.

However, this is just a personal predictive analysis of mine. So, if you have a different idea, that’s also welcome. If you support my viewpoint, you can LIKE this post and drop comments 🙂

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  1. This is an interesting read and something I haven’t actually thought about. Maybe there is some spiritual connection between the earth’s shape and us. Certainly an interesting discussion to have! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Feel free to read some of my blogs 🙂

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