How To Publish Book On Amazon KDP

Creating something new is an eternal hunger for all artists or writers. People who have out of box thinking or who believe to stay off track, without getting stuck in the traditional monotonous, tedious routine life, often look for building or creating something new. They feel the appetite for keeping a mark on the nation by their unique contribution of the creative mind. However, sometimes the realization takes time to turn into reality. In such cases, it may happen by an accident or situational impact.

Method Of Self Publishing Ebook On Amazon KDP

These days self-publishing a book has become very popular to skip the rejections or upfront investments that happen in traditional publishing. You first need to write the story and save the manuscript in formats like EPUB, Docx, or PDF. Once done, upload that file to KDP, design the book cover, fill up the necessary details, and upload it to their server. That’s it. You’re done. Next, you need to wait 24 to 72 hours max to get it visible in the Kindle store.

Even being a fiction story lover, I had never thought of writing a book. But it happened suddenly, without a plan. I often keep random ideas noted somewhere that pop up in my head sometimes. One of those ideas finally got a shape in the form of a tiny book. Yes, I wrote and published my first storybook on Amazon in 2020 and it’s now LIVE.
This is a Mystery / Fiction book, available on the Amazon website.
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The Plot of the story

A young man died in mysterious circumstances.
Even after his death, his spirit had no idea about the exact cause of death as it happened so abruptly.
Hence, it started to find out the truth of its untimely departure.
But the truth shocked everyone around..

You can read the book and provide your feedback there. PAPERBACK and EBOOK both formats are available.


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