Best Ad Network To Monetize New Blogs

Best Ad Network To Monetize New Blogs

New bloggers face many problems. Firstly, how to get more traffic, secondly- how to rank in search engines and thirdly regarding site monetization for making money. There are a lot of ways to monetize blogs and websites. One of those most common ways is Ad monetization. When your blog or website gets approval to run ads, you make some money in various ways like CPC, CPM etc. However, getting approval is not always easy from the standard Ad networks like Google Adsense, Mediavine etc, as they have strict criteria to be fulfilled. Therefore, new bloggers who have less traffic to their blog, face challenges to get approval. They can’t run ads on their new website which leads them to frustration. Many of them even quit updating their websites or blogs as they can’t make money from it. This situation is very difficult to handle when you spend time and money to set up your own online business. Therefore, REVENEUEHITS – the most simple Ad network came into the market to solve this ongoing problem.

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It mainly allows the CPA method, to help publishers make money running their ads on websites or blogs. Using CPA, the publishers can earn money when the users click the ad and complete any particular action. On the other way, as a new addition, it supports the CPM method too, which is the cost per 1000 impressions. It requires no fixed amount of traffic for getting approval and the pay rate is also quite good. Anybody can join this Ad network to earn online from his website or blog. Get registered today from the below ad to earn money online fast.

Benefits of CPM: It offers a higher pay rate for 1000 views, unlike other Ad networks. So, your earnings would be more based on the amount of traffic source to your website.

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