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Free hosting sites are pretty interesting. So here it is. After a lot of thinking, online research, and analysis about the future potential of your online business, you finally decided to launch your own blog one day. But just launching a website or blog is not enough until one consistently creates content and purchases an original domain (custom domain) with a suitable hosting plan. Because professional attire is an utmost need for a website/blog in the present time to make own identity and recognition.

Though, not everyone is capable of maintaining a website or blog properly due to financial issues. They often use a subdomain, instead of using a custom domain. That means the website owner needs to buy a new domain and hosting plan to run a blog or website.

So, what if a person needs a website with a custom domain- but can’t afford a hosting plan? Here are a few solutions to that. He should go for free hosting site.

There are some companies that offer free hosting services, for website building with a professional look. But, unlike paid services, there are some limitations involved. The restrictions to using free services are:

No site backups provided

Site performance is comparatively low

No Uptime conformation

Ads will be on the site

Minimum and delay in customer support

Free Hosting Providers:






So, here are some free hosting websites, that can help you launch website without any hosting charge. If you want, you can try these websites for free. However, a purchased domain is always required for all cases. You can buy a domain from these hosting sites as well. Apart from this, there are couple of other companies which are paid sites with lots of benefits and online security.

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  1. I used Wix for a while and it’s really fantastic. I would definitely recommend it. It’s a little pricier than other hosting sites but it provides 24/7 chat support which is very much necessary when self-hosting. Great post.

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