Can Money Buy Happiness?

Nothing can buy happiness as both happiness and sadness are two temporary states of human mind. It neither can be sold or bought !! But during the time you stay here in this planet earth, you have some requirements to live peacefully without much added problems into your life. Money can fulfill your need of survival. If you can’t fulfill your basic need, you’ll create a huge problem for yourself.

Some people often say, when people die they leave everything behind and take nothing with them. It’s true, but also a nonsense theory at the same time. We don’t take anything with us while exiting this physical world doesn’t mean we’ll make our stay measurable and won’t try for any achievement. Would you take your present relationships or connections with you when you die? NO. Then why to take care of it ? Because all these things are connected with our life . It impacts our life since we are alive.

Bottom Line : Even though money is the root of all problems, it is also the cause to find most of the solutions in this world.

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