DEPRESSION-A Silent Killer

Mental health is something that is being ignored since a long time. A psychological disorder is a serious illness that may become life-threatening by times. But often, we ignore it or take it lightly, just by casually saying ‘Be positive’, ‘ everything is fine ‘ or ‘ everyone has problems in life ‘ etc etc. We don’t even try to listen to the victim properly or show any interest to help him find solutions. We only care if any mishap happens and we get an interesting topic to discuss or post on social media platforms, to represent how cautious we are. Sadly, this is us and this is a true picture of our society.

DEPRESSION is a silent killer of our life. It’s a mental disorder that has a significant impact on mood, making the person continuously depressed or sad and loss of interest in daily activities. Affected people don’t function properly like they don’t talk, eat, feel motivated, or encouraged anyway. They feel helpless, hopeless, and don’t have any vision at all. They might lose appetite, energy level, concentration, and self-confidence. These behavioral and psychological changes could be so impactful and massive that it can lead to developing suicidal thoughts even in the human mind. It can be treated by a professional medical practitioner as well.

But before that, can we people become a little help? YES, of course. These people live with us or around us. They may be our friends, family members, or any known person. If we spot them by noticing their persistent behavioral changes or find someone upset for a longer period of time, we must talk to them to know the cause of their sudden sadness. Instead of criticizing or judging them at that time, we should have a heart to heart talk with those poor sad people. Open talk can solve many problems.

Problems are part of our life, that’s true. But, there also many people, who are not mentally so strong. Our life never goes in a straight line. Depression, frustration happens when things don’t work as per our expectations. The imagination of achieving the goal forgets to see the interruptions, roadblocks, or hardships during the journey. Hence, our mind remains unprepared for any possible negative outcomes.

If we train our minds to accept that no road is without the mud, then our journey could be easier. Self-help is the best in all circumstances.
If there is a problem, there must be a solution. Take care of your mental health and don’t hesitate to share your problem with the person you have faith.

2 thoughts on “DEPRESSION-A Silent Killer

  1. You’re right, it is a silent killer and not enough people talls about it. We need louder discussions around this topic. Also, I would like to point out, sometimes depression can happen without any reason as such, because it’s an illness and like any other disease, the triggers cannot be avoided or known even, it can be hormonal or chemical imbalance in the brain and in that case many patients feel confused and cannot open up about what they’re going through because they don’t understand why they are feeling so low either. It helps to be understanding and not push them to figure out what’s causing them to be upset. Listening intently, can be such a huge help that’s why. They don’t want your solutions or advices, they just need company and understanding.

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