Hello Friends, We all know about the present global financial crisis due to CORONA Virus. People are losing jobs and businesses are falling apart everywhere. Adapting new technology has become a key to survival in this new changed world now. Cryptocurrency is one of them. This digital currency is being widely used in many countries. Bitcoin is the strongest among all of the crypto currencies available in the market. One can buy, earn, or trade cryptocurrencies to get high profit comparing other so-called businesses. Today’s digital entrepreneurs are also forming online startup companies based on Cryptocurrency technology. It is a latest trend in the tech market.


Artificial intelligence is now taking part in almost all of the industries. In the present time, Cryptocurrency which is an equally booming industry is also not out of that list.

Machine Learning can be used in bitcoin investing, and it can also predict the price of cryptocurrencies. The newly invented AI trading bots can help in getting more profit in stock market trading.

Also, artificial intelligence is getting used to secure Blockchain technology.

The level of energy consumption is cryptocurrency mining is a huge problem. AI also shows its efficiency optimizing energy consumption to make it low without affecting the purpose of cryptocurrency mining.

Cryptocurrency domain

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