Anti-College, Anti-Education Trend : A Big Problem

I wonder when I see that nowadays, some people campaign against education. They even promote college dropout trends to the younger generation. This is so unfortunate. Some college dropouts became big names in the world, that’s true. But they’re exceptions and never want someone to be a college dropout. Exceptions are not common. So, the majority of the population can’t follow exceptions without following the most usual, obvious occurrences.

If You Don’t Have A Formal Education

What will happen if you don’t complete the formal education?

A> You will lose the ability to an in-depth understanding of anything.

B> You will be considered ineligible to apply in many jobs

C> You will not get proper respect in the society

D> You will drag yourself towards into unnecessary trouble.

Make money online and remote jobs are the new trend for the future workforce. Yes, one can earn a lot of money being a successful entrepreneur or a famous artist one day. But, the journey to get that kind of remarkable success is tough also. There are also many people who have failed in this and quit the journey halfway. Money can be earned in many ways if you have a solid strategy, but not respect.

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It is always recommended to be equipped for a difficult time, to fight back. Getting proper education, gives you that strength. So, I never support any kind of anti-education or anti-college trend that could cause serious harm to our society and the future generation of the world.

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