Powerful Tool To Mute Background Noise in Conference Call

Remote work and Work from home have become our new lifestyle, after the Coronavirus pandemic. We are now more dependent on electronic gadgets. Due to this, the office or client conferences have now transferred online. But, when we work in our home environment or any place other than our regular office premises, background noise becomes our regular uninvited intruder in conference calls. We can’t avoid noises how much we try. It sometimes becomes the cause of embarrassment as well.

Therefore, a software solution is invented to help people come out of this issue. It can remove background noise 100% from audio calls and makes it clearly audible to the participants.

IT HELPS to create:

Noise-free calls for remote teams and mute background noise.

You can create a beautiful, noise-free audio recording for your PODCAST with this tool also. Below is the link of that tool, you may download and try. Click the image or the web link to download the tool : KRISP


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