Serverless Computing And Its Security

In the cloud computing model, serverless is an operational model that began with AWS Lamda. It is one of the newest and also some of the most complex computation models. In the technology world, serverless computing is termed as Functions-as-a-Service (FAAS) as well.

Using this technology model, organizations can handle their cloud operations without building any long-lived servers. In the traditional cloud computing model, cloud service providers provide virtual servers to reduce companies from using their physical servers. But within the serverless model, the server itself is abstract.

As it is an unblended service-based approach, this new trend also has some security concerns. Serverless service runs its tasks on shared infrastructure, which could be a threat to the data breach. Though difficulties in serverless sometimes point that it is not ready for full-blown enterprise cloud operation yet. So, we can add some additional security layers to improve and implement serverless technology.

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