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INTERNXT- The New Age Most Secure Cloud Storage

Data privacy and security are of the utmost concern of any individual or enterprise business. In the initial days of the digital era, users would keep their vital data at the hard drives of their local computers, CDs, DVDs. Sometimes later Pen drives and external hard disks came into the picture which was more user-friendly and portable. But what if these locally kept physical data storage devices get damaged or corrupted someday? It leads to huge or even permanent data loss to the users.

There comes the Cloud storage concept, where the companies started storing user data online in their own data centers and servers. These cloud storage provider companies don’t need any people’s physical data storage devices for maintaining their data. Only stable high-speed internet access is needed in order to upload, modify or download files that are stored on the cloud storage from anywhere in the world.

The cloud storage tools or apps let users access their data from any device like mobile, tablet, PC, or laptop. So it quickly became preferred virtual storage for users where they don’t need to take many extra responsibilities.

However, the online security and purchasing cost of this virtual cloud storage became concerns of many users. Here comes a cutting-edge, innovative, and technologically equipped cloud company INTERNXT. It provides a zero-knowledge cloud storage service with uncompromising data security and protection at an affordable price.

Why Choosing INTERNXT instead of Other Cloud Services:

Data Protection with Zero-Knowledge Encryption

Internxt Drive is a more secure and the best cost-effective substitute for many traditional cloud storage providers. When users try to upload any file to the Internxt cloud drive, that file gets encrypted first, before leaving the device, and only the users can ever decrypt it. So, whatever user uploads never reach the internet in its raw, readable condition.

Moreover, encrypted files get fragmented before uploading and distributed across Internxt network. Only the user with the encryption key can access and decrypt them. For additional End-to-End encryption, data gets decrypted, only on the user’s personal device, but never on the server.

Zero-Knowledge Encryption is a much safer way to protect data than other types of encryption methods. That’s because Internxt, uses a zero-knowledge encryption method to store data in its cloud.

Furthermore, it goes a step further to store data in its distributed infrastructure made by the data centers located all over the world. As client-side encrypted, fragmented files get uploaded to the Internxt cloud drive and remain distributed across the globe-hence no server gets a complete file. It only receives an encrypted data shard. So your personal data remain fully secured from hackers, governments, or any other unwanted third parties.


Blockchain technology tracks all transaction records using its blocks in the network infrastructure of the enterprises. Internxt uses blockchain technology in its cloud infrastructure to store files. Therefore, if any wrong incident occurs or data gets changed or tampered with, it will be recorded in the Blockchain and rectified. Blockchain technology adds integrity and transparency within the Internxt cloud network.

Open Source Platform

Internxt is an open-source platform that is built on the Blockchain. So every code is accessible to the Blockchain engineers, developers, or programmers for their opinions to further verification and development. At the same time, every action is recorded on the Blockchain register for damage prevention.

Virus Scanner

Internxt has FREE Virus Scanner inbuilt on its website to scan any files to identify if that’s infected by any virus or malware. Users just need to drag any suspicious file on its free virus scanner tool to determine in seconds if that file is malicious or not.

Price and Features

It is important to check the prices and other features of the various cloud services companies before opt for a particular one. Internxt provides a free plan with an encrypted option enabled, unlike other cloud services companies. The UX designs of its website and app are so simple that need no prior expertise. This cloud storage provider has a desktop and mobile app which is compatible with all devices. Internxt offers different subscription plans including lifetime plans, at very affordable low prices compared to its market competitors. To check the current price: CLICK HERE

Check the comparison chart between Internxt and other cloud storage providers: CLICK HERE

Internxt is the best affordable and safest choice if you wish to buy cloud storage, which is now available for free on Mobile, Web, and Desktop.

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